Blue Rose Code

Blue Rose Code is Scottish-born, London-based Ross Wilson. Raised in a council high rise by his grandmother on the East side on Edinburgh. Wilson skipped school to instead endlessly listen to records, everything from Motown and mainstream pop to Chet Baker and John Coltrane. Into his teens Ross found drink and drugs in efforts to escape his troubled upbringing, and found little solace in anything other than the ‘Unholy Trinity’ of Van Morrison, John Martyn and Tom Waits. Wilson admits that if he hadn’t been that musical outlet by his grandmother he’d most likely now be dead or, along with many of his contemporaries, in prison.

We first came across Ross at The Slaughtered Lamb in London, and they became the first act we signed to the label working on the 7" and DL "Love/Whitechapel" which won many plaudits. Following the single's success, an album was made at the Session Rooms studio in Bath and features Danny Thompson on bass and on completion was sold to Reveal Records who release the album "North 10" in Feb 2013.

“Gorgeous Celtic-inflected acoustic folk.” Time Out
“Yearning songs, timeless melodies.” The Magpie’s Nest
“Musically flawless. There’s a gentle embrace for your ears running through every chord.” Folkwords
“Imagine John Martyn meeting a young Van Morrison and being shipwrecked with a bundle of Chet Baker records.” Balcony TV