Crispian Mills

A decade ago, following sales of over a million for both “K” and “Pigs and Astronaughts” Crispian Mills sought out a new challenge and a break from Kula Shaker. With good advice, Mills hired the services of Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313, Troubleman, Global Communications and many more) and David Brinkworth (Harmonic 33, Farout Recordings) and set off to make a solo album recording in both Cornwall and on David Gilmour’s house-boat studio in London.

Alas the album never got released, and almost 10 years later we have unearthed two gems from the sessions in “Healing Hands” and “Be Merciful” - available at long last on both 7” and digital download formats after licensing from Sony.

Crispian Mills, also writes for film and over the past few years has released two further Kula Shaker studio albums to great acclaim.