Techno driven beats and electronic ambiences make up the parts to Flotilla, the down-time project from the production label.

The debut EP was covered well on radio with plays from Rob da Bank, Mary Anne Hobbs, Ross Allen, Benji B and Nick Luscombe on National radio as well as many more spots regionally, and full support from the Alphaville team.

Described as "the Godfather meets DJ Shadow" by Boomkat, the music has a murky energy and paranoid thrust, a must for any whom like their music electric, heavy and hypnotic.

See also the Flotilla remix of Lauren Pritchard's "Painkillers" track on Universal. More will follow from the duo's debut EP released on Ho Hum in 2010, whenever downtime allows. Meanwhile the collectible 10" releases, featuring artwork from Russell Reed will not be re-printed and are getting low on numbers, don't miss this.

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